Ayurveda & Yoga

Kishan Shah’s clinical and teaching practice spans over fifteen years of experience and offers a full spectrum approach to holistic medicine, healing arts and spiritual growth.  Truly a wellness expert, your sessions with Kishan are tuned in to your specific needs, goals and results in mind.  Ayurveda’s specialty is designing custom protocols and practices for each individual patient but also taking into account the seasons and geographic location.  Your wellness experience with Kishan guidance awaits you. Schedule your appointment with him today.
Initial Ayurvedic Consultation – 60-90 minutes
Your initial session with Kishan includes the following:
  • Education session on how Ayurveda works, general principles and method of practice.
  • Intake to determine your natural constitution called Prakruti. This is what we’re looking to find a balance with at all times.
  • Assessment of imbalances in the form of excesses or deficiencies in the body called Vikruti. Finding what tissues, and intelligences that govern them, are out of alignment with your natural constitution. Finding what state your mind is residing in, your emotional and inner landscape experience.
  • Laying out a protocol for you to follow with: specific dietary plan, herbal medicine, supplements.  Also can include breathing techniques, movement, yoga, exercise.  Usually this protocol is to be followed for one to two months.  From there we can get an accurate look at how well the protocol is targeting your specific needs and if we need to alter it. Remember, holistic medicine works deeply and it takes time. We are wanting to get to the root of the cause to remove it and also apply palliative measures for relief of current symptoms.
  • Possible recommendations for deep healing bodywork, Ayurvedic massage and herbal body treatments, cleanses called Pancha Karma and possibly rejuvenation programs.  
  • Kishan can also recommend specific Vedic mantra practices and rituals for you to create a morning ritual as well.
Follow Up Ayurvedic Consultation – 30-45 minutes
In your follow up you and Kishan will discuss the protocol that you’ve been following.  From there the previous dietary and herbal recommendations can shift along with any of the other practices that you’ve been carrying out.  A new protocol will be written and followed for another one to two months.
Ayurvedic Bodywork – Abhyanga – 75 minutes
Classic Kerala style ayurvedic treatment to balance the five flows of energy in the body called Prana. This session also helps to assist in increased blood flow, movement of lymph stagnation, rejuvenation of the joints, nourishes the skin and is deeply relaxing. Kishan uses Ayurvedic medicinal oils that come straight from south India. 
Ayurvedic Herbal Steam Therapy – Swedana – 15-20 minutes
This treatment follows your bodywork session. Allows the pores to open and the ayurvedic medicinal oils to be driven deep into the tissues nourishing. Detoxifying, the increased heart rate in the steam bath helps to breaks the bonds of deep seated toxins in the tissues and move them thru the blood and out of the body.
Deep Healing Bodywork – 90 minutes
Kishan’s intuitive full body session combines well over a decade of practice: Ayurvedic bodywork techniques, Marma acupressure, Thai Massage, Esalen inspired, western techniques of trigger release and deep tissue.  His signature work.
Private Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Pranayama Session – 60-90 minutes
Custom sessions designed to meet your needs and goals.
Private Meditation Series – Five 60 minute sessions
  • Education on Yoga Philosophy and Meditation
  • Breathing techniques – Pranayama
  • Basic Yoga routine to assist in your meditation practice
  • Customized program specific to your needs and goals
  • Mantra initiation and puja
Cooking Classes 
Spend a couple of hours with Kishan learning how to cook Ayurvedic foods that are deeply nourishing, cleansing and healing to the body. Using seasonal, fresh organic ingredients. This is your time to explore the use of spices and ingredients that you may be unfamiliar with. Ayurvedic recipes do not need to taste like Indian food.  The idea is to learn what ingredients and spices balance specific needs in the body.  Remember what Hippocrates said, “Let food me thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Truly, you are what you eat and in Ayurveda we like to take it a step deeper.  You are what you are able to digest! Apart from breathing digestion is the most important function of the body as it supplies it with all the nutrients and energy it needs to create itself and sustain life.  You are a beautiful living organism, not a machine.
Grocery Shopping & Cupboard Renewal
Don’t know what to stock?  Having a hard time throwing away food items that you know are not good for you?  Let Kishan help!
We’ll schedule a session in your home and take a look at what you have to keep that’s good for you and what to throw away.  From there we’ll go to the grocery store and stock you up with nourishing, healthy foods based on the Ayurvedic protocol from your initial or follow up consultation.
Kishan works out of his private studio in Topanga Canyon, California near Malibu. 
If you cannot make a one on one session with him sessions are available via FaceTime and Skype.  
Email Kishan today to schedule your session and for pricing details. contact@kishanshah.com